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Project Description
SharpObjects is a toolkit that contains classes for typical development tasks (It is derived from the project called ARD toolkit).
It contains: 
- Advanced configuration/settings framework with encryption and object creation/initialization. The configuration framework supports hierarchical structure of XML files and references to other XML configuration files. It allows you to instantiate objects of classes, initialized from the configuration file.
- Service Manager (instance factory) Service manager allows you to instantiate objects, which are initialized based on the service manager configuration file settings (similar to configuration framework), but also it supports singleton and multi-instance patterns
- Encryption  - symmetric, asymmetric hashing and signature algorithms. The cryptography framework supports storing encryption keys in files, which makes deployment of your components easier.
- Thread Pool & synchronization
- Persistence framework
- Event Bus (blackboard) for decoupling - useful pattern for decoupling components of a complex application.
- Logging framework

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